Custom Made Piñatas


Piñatas for Parties and Events

Birthdays, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Halloween, New Year’s, Graduations, Weddings, etc.!

Each piñata is an extraordinary handmade work of art and custom made to order. We can sculpt and replicate any vision into a remarkable piñata.

“Received our Piñatas today! Thank you we love them so much! They look fantastic!”
~ Karolina

Order Your Piñata
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Festive Holiday Piñatas

Celebrate the holidays with a piñata!

Need a festive (or spooky) pinata for Halloween? We also make Christmas pinatas, Easter pinatas, patriotic pinatas for Fourth of July, and other holiday piñatas.

Cualquier evento especial se puede celebrar con una pinata de
Celebra Navidad con una piñata navideña o Halloween con pinatas de halloween! Ademas de pinatas para Navidad puedemos crear pinatas para todos los días de fiestas.

Piñatas for Kids’ Birthday Parties

chicken-pinata-03 Piñatas para fiestas infantiles
We make great pinatas for parties. Just let us know your theme and what you would like.
Name it. We can make it!

If you are looking for some piñata ideas, here are a few:

Piñatas for boys: piñatas of curious george, sponge bob piñatas, spider man piñata

Piñatas for girls: unicorn piñata, princess piñatas

What people are saying about our pinatas:

“La mejor pinata que he visto”
(The best piñata I’ve ever seen!)
~ Gloria G.

“They’re really durable, so it last longer, more fun!”
~ Alice

Custom Piñata Prices

Box piñatas or sihlouette pinatas start at $98
Sculpture piñatas start at $198

To Order Your Custom Made Piñata

  1. Call 786-237-9167 or send an e-mail to to receive a price quote or place an order with one of our artists.
  2. Submit your payment through paypal, google checkout or mail a check.

We recommend placing your order at least 4 weeks in advance (more if you are outside of South Florida to allow for shipping).

Note: A rush fee may be added to orders placed in less than 4 weeks prior to event.

Eco-friendly Piñatas

Creating our beautiful handmade masterpieces takes artistry, craftsmanship, and an eco-friendly mind. The combination of marvelous creativity and the use of recycled materials results in unique piñatas that only can provide. Due to the handmade nature of each piñata, and the eco-conscience decisions taken by the artists, each pinata will vary in color.

Pinata for Quinceaneras

Piñatas for Quinceanera celebrations can be personalized to coincide with any quinces party theme and colors.

Some ideas for quinceanera piñatas:

  • Tiara pinata
  • Slipper pinata (to fit your cinderella theme)
  • “15” pinata
  • Quinceanera girl pinata (full figure girl with gown)

Pinatas for Weddings

Wedding piñatas (groom pinata, bride pinata, wedding bell pinatas) can be custom made for your special event. Bride and groom piñatas can be made as caricatures of the real bride and groom!

Portait Piñatas: Caricature Piñatas, Celebrity Piñatas

Looking for a piñata that looks just like you, your friend or a celebrity? You’ve come to the right place. Caricature piñatas are fun especially for adult birthday parties or events.

Trying to find full body pinatas?

We make them! Whether you need a character pinata, celebrity pinata, bride & groom pinatas or a portrait pinata, we can make an incredible full body pinata to meet your needs.

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